I’m a 39 years old Game Developer and Software Engineer with passion for games and programming and 14 years of experience in game development 3.5+ years in software.

I’ve started playing games when I was a kid and I knew at that time I wanted to make them. I really enjoy playing all kind of games, I tried to think in a favorite genre but as far as I remember I played lots of different genres during my life and enjoyed practically all of them.

Even though my main focus is making games, I enjoy a lot scaling them up by improving workflows, tools and development processes to increase speed and simplify making big games with smalls teams. I suppose that is my inner Engineer taking control of me.

Site map:

  • Want to work together? check the Contact page to decide how to contact me.
  • Check out the Projects I worked on to see what I do, also the Game Jams I’ve participated.
  • If you want more detail, you can check out the Blog page to see some development blog posts I did over the years at Gemserk website.

So after the years working on different teams, with different people, in different contexts and on different projects, I know that I consider the following values important and kinda defines how I want to work from now on:

  • Collaboration, teamwork and growing together.
  • Psychological safety by treating others and being treated as peers.
  • Continuous improvement and empowerment.
  • Generate trust by being Transparent and through good Communication.

I really like the Agile principles too and some of my favorite development practices are:

  • Continuous delivery
  • Test driven development
  • Pair programming (in game dev, I prefer the name Pair working in something, could be a programmer or an artist or whatever)