This blog post is just an update on what I am doing right now and what my current plan is.

Recently, I created these prototypes: Beatemup, Stranded: Planet Survivor and Hunter Games and also participated in a LDJAM with a game named Spice Must Flow.

So, I continue with my plan of making mini games or prototypes to keep learning and finding what I want to work on and compromise in mid to long term but at the same time I now have other things too.

First of all, I’m starting teaching “Programación de Videojuegos” at Universidad ORT Uruguay. It is my first time as a University professor and I am exited about it. This subject is like an introduction to videogames for advanced computer engineer students. My idea is to start with a technical approach to videogames (for example: physics and pathfinding) and then focus on gameplay and experience (for example: win/lose loop) which is something they are not used to do. Wish me luck!

Also, I started working in a web app project for two friends (ex college buddies), from before I started making games. Even though it is nothing related to games, it allows me to decide how many hours I want to spend so I can balance between work and game development while having an income. Some technologies the project uses are Ionic toolkit with Angular for the frontend and Firebase and CouchDB for the backend. It is very interesting and I am learning a lot, and I believe I can use the knowledge in the future.

Finally, with another two friends (ex work partners) we are working on making an web game experiment in a short time (~a month). I am super exited about this but it is in a super early phase yet.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading