I’m a father of two, 40 years old, Game Developer and Software Engineer with passion for games and programming and 14 years of experience in game development and 3.5+ years in software.

Recently, I started my own company named Pixel Core Games and I am developing Ship Miner, a 1 bit low res pixelart sci fi miner game.

I’ve started playing games when I was a kid and I knew at that time I wanted to make them. I really enjoy playing all kind of games, I tried to think in a favorite genre but as far as I remember I played lots of different genres during my life and enjoyed practically all of them.

Even though my main focus is making games, I enjoy a lot scaling them up by improving workflows, tools and development processes to increase speed and simplify making big games with smalls teams.

Site map:

  • Want to work together? check the Contact page to decide how to contact me.
  • Check out the Games I’ve worked on to see what I do and also the mini games and prototypes from the Game Jams I’ve participated.
  • For technical content you can check out my dev Blog page. I’ve also generated technical content over the years in my old dev blog at Gemserk website.

So after the years working on different teams, with different people, in different contexts and on different projects, I know that I consider the following values important and kinda defines how I want to work from now on:

  • Collaboration, teamwork and growing together.
  • Psychological safety by treating others and being treated as peers.
  • Continuous improvement and empowerment.
  • Generate trust by being Transparent and by having good Communication.

I really like the Agile principles too and some of my favorite development practices are:

  • Continuous delivery
  • Test driven development
  • Pair programming (in game dev, I prefer the name Pair working in something, could be a programmer or an artist or whatever)