This page shows some of the games I made for game jams like Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam and also Gameboy Jam.

You can check my latest game jams entries at my page (and Gemserk for the old ones).

Here is the list of games, ordered by most recent first.

Hunter Games: Be the best hunter and win the competition in order to save your tribe. #one week personal jam
Stranded: Planet Survivor: Left alone on unknown planet, explore and repair your ship to return home. #one week personal jam
Spice Must Flow: Harvest Dune's Spice while surviving Sand Worm attacks. #LDJAM52
Seedcity Chasers: Cyberpunk arcade shoot'em up. #GBJAM10
Nekosama: Hades inspired roguelike with ninja cats. #GBJAM9
Orbital Wars: Advanced wars inspired game with Iron Marines elements as tribute. #GBJAM7
Bankin' Bacon: Local multiplayer versus where your life is currency. Collect coins to survive while attacking coins to win. #LDJAM44